Beaphar Nature merisigade täissööt / 1250g

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Beaphar Nature merisigade täissööt / 1250g

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Бренд Beaphar
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Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig is a healthy and tasty premium guinea pig food, containing up to 30 different herbs and grasses. The food is 100% cereal-free and contains a high percentage of fibre in order to reflect a guinea pig’s natural diet in the wild, for optimal well-being and healthy digestion. Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig has extra Vitamin C, as guinea pigs cannot synthesize it themselves. Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig is designed to be an “all-in-one” pellet; this ensures that your guinea pig receives a complete, balanced diet without wasting any food. The unique heart shape has a rough fibrous structure, which encourages the natural and beneficial wear of teeth, thus improving dental function in all guinea pigs.

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