Basseinifiltrite puhastushari / 20cm / LM

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Basseinifiltrite puhastushari / 20cm

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Basseinifiltrite puhastushari / 20cm ENG: Jilong washing brush for connection to the garden hose Easily remove algae and other contaminants from filters and filter cartridges Water hygiene is the be-all and end-all for every pool owner. Water care and cleaning of your swimming pool is therefore important. Wash and brush your filter cartridge cleanly instead of replacing it - this saves money and protects the environment. This washing brush helps you to remove dirt from the fine lamellas of the filter cartridge very easily. The cleaning brush is not only suitable for cleaning the filter, but can also be used universally for the entire swimming pool. The compact brush can be used, for example, as a practical corner brush. Thanks to the practical spraying function, you can wash away brushed dirt immediately afterwards. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle, the pool brush fits comfortably in the hand. Thanks to the plug connection which fits on the commercial garden connections, handling is particularly easy. Flexible plastic bristles make the robust pool brush particularly durable and resistant.