All personal data of the customer that has become known during the visit to Hansashop and the performance of purchases will be treated as confidential information. We do not disclose data to third parties unless there is a legal basis for disclosing the data.

The communication between the bank and the buyer is protected by the SSL security protocol, which ensures that the information exchanged cannot be intercepted or altered by unauthorized persons.

When paying for a purchase with a credit card, the customer enters their data directly into the server of the Bank Card Center. The storage of customer data is regulated by agreements between banks, Pankade Kaardikeskus and Borsa Eesti OÜ and controlled by the Data Protection Inspectorate.

If desired, the customer has the right to request the deletion of their data from Hansashop's databases. You have the right to indicate your wish not to receive any offers from us in the future.

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