Meriseapuur Cavie 60 / 58x38x31,5cm /K

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Puur väikenärilistele Cavie 60. Puuri mõõdud: 58 x 38 x h 31,5 cm  

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More Information
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Puur sobib merisigadele. Kaasas on ka joogipudel ja heinaküna. Plastikust põhi ja metallvõre. Puuri mõõdud: 58 x 38 x h 31,5 cm.


Guinea pig cage with opening door. Dimension: 58 x 38 x h 31,5 cm
Cavie 60 is a guinea pig cage with a recently renewed opening and closing system, ensuring total safety for your little pets. The habitat has a traditional structure with a plastic base and a painted wire mesh structure. The door at the front can be opened completely, for easy cleaning. Inside, you will find accessories, including a drinking bottle and a plastic feeder for hay. Cavie 60 is an environmentally friendly product in the Save Space brand range. It is sold in a space-saving package and can be completely dismantled.