Pro Plan Cat Delicate 7+ kassitoit kalkuni ja riisiga/ 1,5kg

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For the comfort of the most sensitive cats, PRO PLAN Delicate rich in turkey and rice, is highly palatable recipe that can satisfy even the fussiest of cats. It contains a restricted number of protein sources to help improve food tolerance.

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More Information
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The omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B help reduce discomfort associated with skin sensitivity. Combinations of soluble and insoluble (wholesome cereal grains) fibres help promote intestinal health. Includes a special mineral proven to help reduce tartar accumulation by up to 40%. Formulated without wheat. Additionally, helping to support and maintain healthy kidneys is key for your cat's health and well being in adulthood. Purina veterinarians and nutritionists have developed OPTIRENAL, a specific combination of nutrients included in PRO PLAN Delicate. These nutrients help support your cat's kidney function, helping slow down the ageind process. PRO PLAN. Protects while it nourishes.