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Ujumiskomplekt maski ja toruga snorgeldamiseks

10,25 €
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Ujumiskomplekt maski ja toruga snorgeldamiseks. Alates 14+




Ujumiskomplekt maski ja toruga snorgeldamiseks.


Jilong Ocean Snorkel Set - Scuba diving goggles with snorkel

With Jilong´s high-quality Ocean Diving Set from Jilong you can enjoy every swimming experience in a relaxed way - it consists of a robust pair of goggles and the matching snorkel. A soft sealing edge and pleasant sealing lips are attached to the glasses. The snorkel´s anatomical shape makes it extremely comfortable to wear and you can enjoy your diving excursion on holiday, by the sea, by the lake, in the pond or in your own pool.

The diving mask is equipped with a safety glass and the adjustable mask strap allows an individual adjustment. This means that the glasses can be adjusted for every wearer. The snorkel can be adjusted in many ways, as the snorkel holder is adjustable upwards and downwards. The snorkel guarantees optimal comfort due to the bite warts on the soft mouthpiece.

The swimming set has a simple but modern design in chic transparency and yellow. The snorkel end is equipped with a signal red. This makes it ideal for young and old, woman and man. Experience the underwater world with reliable and high-quality equipment.

Safety instructions:

1. Attention: Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.